Napierville September 2009
This year Raceheads was fortunate enough to qualify as a competitor in 2009 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge.
2009 Jeg's Engine Masters Challenge
2009 EMC results
In a nutshell:
Here it is, and finally done. Our first Enginemasters competition (EMC).
Our 2009 EMC 426 Hemi entry failed to perform as it should have.
It was disappointing to see, but somewhat expected.  It was a new engine, fresh from the build, and brought straight to competition (never fired once or been on a Dyno for tuning before our Oct 5th scheduled run date)
We had lots of unexpected snags to deal with. Even right to the very last minute prior to and during qualifying. Our Hemi engine was subjected to some very poor operating conditions.
Ex: detonation, extremely rich fuel mixture (no Lambda / O2 readings), very poor to zero break in conditions, and blown carb base gaskets during qualifying.

With that said, it was impossible to get a fair shot at a good score.

On a positive note, we're happy the engine survived without injury and still got onto the scoreboard. No DNF (Did Not Finish) for this 426 Elephant.
We met a bunch of good people from the USA. Made new friends who share similar interests and passions.

We were welcomed and treated just like family by the same, and that's the best part of this whole experience.
Last but not least, hats off to EMC organizers, the helpful students, and management of UNOH (great learning facility). Without them none of this would exist.

*Special thanks to all our friends, family, and sponsors who helped make this project come to life in a very short period of time.

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